Costa Rica 2012 - Brain Power

Another milestone of 2012 has been my Costa Rica trip!

As some background for you on why I went to Costa Rica (aside from the fact it's an awesome tropical vacation spot), one of my BFF's from high school is in the Peace Corps and got placed in Costa Rica.

Naturally, I used her time there as the perfect excuse for a trip.

After a quick pit stop in Texas (aka a run through the airport), my friend and I landed in San Jose, Costa Rica late at night. Greeted by the "ticos" or locals, we waited patiently for my friend to come pick us up from the airport to get our vacation started.

This Little Piggy Went To The Market...

Doesn't everyone take a five month hiatus?

Well, instead of making a bunch of excuses for my lack of writing, let's just put it this way, I have a real day job that cuts into my precious blogging time.

And, not to mention, on most nights, I'm a pretty avid TV watcher. Sadly, I've been Keeping Up With the Kardashian's and the fact that the Olympics are halfway through doesn't leave me with  much free time.

Over the next week, I figured I'd give you a preview of what I've been up to on my long hiatus.

For starters, let's take a trip back to March...

America (Proud to Be An American Cupcakes)


Let's ignore the fact that I've been MIA for five months.

But, in time for the my most FAVORITE TV time of the year - yes, the Summer Olympics, I thought I'd show my patriotic love with some red, white and blue.

While I technically made these for the 4th, you could pretty much repurpose these cute patriotic cupcakes for when the USA takes home the gold!

Enjoy the games!

My America flag made of blueberries, raspberries and coconut 

The special cupcakes that had all three patriotic colors

Quick Byte: Valentine's Day Cookies

Well, my office certainly has a sweet tooth. After all, we have a candy jar that usually needs a refill about a day after we fill it to its capacity.

This Valentine's Day, we decided to have a dessert potluck. Meaning, I'll be getting a sugar-high, followed by a sugar-crash, followed by a food coma.

Seems productive.

I was inspired by a cute picture I came across on Pinterest so decided to do spin on a favorite cookie of mine. With some simple food coloring, you have festive cookies to share with your Valentine.

Traditional (for my Mom since she's allergic to red dye) + PINK zebra-ish ones


The final product that is surely going to be my downfall. True story.

Chile Rellenos

At work we had our first International Day potluck.

One word: awesomeness.

Our office took this seriously and all of us got to pig out on food from various countries like Peru, El Salvador, Portugal, China, etc.

I decided to rep the Mexican heritage, mostly because I had a personal craving for some Chile Rellenos. This is one of my favorite dishes that my grandma taught me how to make and I've perfected it (and put a spin of my own into it).

Sorry peeps, no recipe on this one primarily because I don't have one. Making these are pretty much second nature to me now.

And, I don't think Grandma would want me to share the family secret to the world :)

Stuff chiles with jack or pepper jack and a few chopped pieces of red onions

Coat the chiles in flour, then coat in an egg batter

Fry 'em up!

Or, if you are fat-kid at heart (me), make a chile relleno burrito FTW.

Hello, 2012.

Long time no see, eh? Well, I can assure you that real work has been slave driving me, hence the lack of new posts.

Let's do a quick re-cap so you can see what my foodie side has been up to:

Making Pancit, a traditional Filipino noodle dish for the fam.

Creating Reindeer peanut butter cookies (which my cousin proceeded to uglify after eating all the chocolate covered pretzels off each cookie) and making Santa Brownie hats.

Quick Byte: The Melt SF

I've decided I pretty much hate all movies that take place in SF. They are always filming during the hot summer days and gives everyone the false hope that maybe it will be nice.

I needed to go shopping with the bf so we decided to head into the foggy city. Couple that with the fact that I've pretty much come down with the office cold meant I was craving some comfort food.

We decided to head over to The Melt since I had recently read about in Eater SF. It's a soon-to-be chain that is going to have a few other locations in San Francisco and another planned for Palo Alto later next year.

It was founded by Jonathan Kaplan, the guy who created Cisco's Flipcam, so got tons of buzz when it first opened.

The mod space was airy, but offered little seating (or, maybe it was the family of three that decided to take up an entire long table and their jam-hand kid had toys and food all over the place). The atmosphere reminded me of Tom Colicchio's 'wichcraft, another fun quick eatery in SF.

Anyways, back to the food.