This Little Piggy Went To The Market...

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Doesn't everyone take a five month hiatus?

Well, instead of making a bunch of excuses for my lack of writing, let's just put it this way, I have a real day job that cuts into my precious blogging time.

And, not to mention, on most nights, I'm a pretty avid TV watcher. Sadly, I've been Keeping Up With the Kardashian's and the fact that the Olympics are halfway through doesn't leave me with  much free time.

Over the next week, I figured I'd give you a preview of what I've been up to on my long hiatus.

For starters, let's take a trip back to March...

St. Patty's Day Birthday Party

Not to be a bragger, but if my day job in PR ends up not working out, I'd probably make a pretty awesome party planner. I'm organized, love decorating, can spend countless hours in Bed Bath & Beyond and always love a good themed party.

For my boyfriend's birthday this year, it landed right around St. Patty's Day. In honor of the good lad, we transformed his place into a green nightmare.

Two of my favorites foodie pieces were the desserts: Lucky Charm rice crispy treats and a cupcake tree with Irish Car Bomb and green burnt almond chocolate amazingness.

The Lucky Charm rice crispy treats were actually terrifying for me to make. For starters, I've never actually made rice crispy treats. Secondly, I've never eaten Lucky Charms.

I ended up researching a few different recipes. The number one tip I found was to melt the butter and marshmallows in its entirety before adding the Lucky Charms. Or, you'll be left with a hot-swirly-colored-mess since the cereal has marshmallows in it.

I have to say, my first attempt wasn't too shabby!

Lucky Charm Rice Crispy Treats

My second favorite foodie dish was the cupcake tree.

For anyone who thinks they are a great party host (or, wants to become one), I highly recommend getting a cupcake tree holder. Not only do they save you room on your table, but it makes your cupcakes cuter!

Cupcake Stand

One tip I learned from my Mom -- when hosting a party, don't overextend yourself and feel like you need to make everything from scratch. For these sugar wonders, I actually bought a dozen cupcakes from Safeway (Ha, I'm sure you can see which one's were the Safeway "fillers") and bought a dozen from Loves Cupcakes in downtown San Jose. While it's in a weird spot, its cupcakes are just as good as Kara's or Sprinkles. LC's employees were pretty helpful; I called a few days ahead and they let me know about the seasonal cupcakes that would be available just in time for the party.

No party is complete without fresh flowers. In this case, we had to make do with the Guiness can vase.

Check back later this week to see what vacation I took and the food I ate...