Chile Rellenos

8:00 AM Kari R. 3 Comments

At work we had our first International Day potluck.

One word: awesomeness.

Our office took this seriously and all of us got to pig out on food from various countries like Peru, El Salvador, Portugal, China, etc.

I decided to rep the Mexican heritage, mostly because I had a personal craving for some Chile Rellenos. This is one of my favorite dishes that my grandma taught me how to make and I've perfected it (and put a spin of my own into it).

Sorry peeps, no recipe on this one primarily because I don't have one. Making these are pretty much second nature to me now.

And, I don't think Grandma would want me to share the family secret to the world :)

Stuff chiles with jack or pepper jack and a few chopped pieces of red onions

Coat the chiles in flour, then coat in an egg batter

Fry 'em up!

Or, if you are fat-kid at heart (me), make a chile relleno burrito FTW.


  1. Juliet wouldn't shut up about how good chile rellenos are for like a week.

  2. How come I've never had one of your perfect chile rellenos?? They look tasty!