Events: Oktoberfest

7:00 AM Kari R. 0 Comments

October - my favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, but we get to celebrate the Fall, Halloween and...Oktoberfest.

For those of us that don't have the luxury of heading to Germany for some steins of beer, I guess, sadly, Campbell will have to do.

When: October 15 and 16 (Saturday and Sunday)
Where: Downtown Campbell
Hours: 10 am - 5pm
Why: Because you get to enjoy awesome unhealthy food while sipping on cold beers, duh.



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As I was taking a look at my blog in all my spare time (aka between episodes of the RHONJ and RHOBH), I realized it's been quite some time since I posted about a good fail. No, I'm not talking about a YouTube video of some smart ass kid who eats it on the sidewalk with his skateboard (although I do enjoy those as well).

No, I'm talking about those meals you had such high hopes for and they end up being nothing more than a gross dish you have to force yourself to finish (or at least move bits and pieces around the plate to make it seem like you somewhat ate it).

Ah, the irony of this post since I am currently sitting at home with the worst case of food poisoning of my life since I inevitable picked up something at Cabo's airport.

Word of advice: Only eat at your resort or starve. Don't even think about handling the local cuisine. Face it, you aren't Anthony Bourdain.

I mean, as the immigration officer asked me yesterday, "Miss, are you entering the country with any livestock/animals or agriculture?" I was tempted to respond with, "Well, unless you count the parasite that is now living in my stomach, I am thinking no."

Anyways, I digress...I hope you enjoy the below FAIL's that I've compiled as I'm waiting for my chicken broth to simmer and sip down my HateradeGatorade since my Mom is afraid I don't have enough electrolytes and doesn't want my sister to come home to find my corpse.