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I've decided I pretty much hate all movies that take place in SF. They are always filming during the hot summer days and gives everyone the false hope that maybe it will be nice.

I needed to go shopping with the bf so we decided to head into the foggy city. Couple that with the fact that I've pretty much come down with the office cold meant I was craving some comfort food.

We decided to head over to The Melt since I had recently read about in Eater SF. It's a soon-to-be chain that is going to have a few other locations in San Francisco and another planned for Palo Alto later next year.

It was founded by Jonathan Kaplan, the guy who created Cisco's Flipcam, so got tons of buzz when it first opened.

The mod space was airy, but offered little seating (or, maybe it was the family of three that decided to take up an entire long table and their jam-hand kid had toys and food all over the place). The atmosphere reminded me of Tom Colicchio's 'wichcraft, another fun quick eatery in SF.

Anyways, back to the food.

We ordered The Italian Job, which had fontina and provolone cheese on garlic bread and The Mission, jalapeño jack on sourdough. We made The Mission a combo, by adding the sweet corn tortilla soup.

Side note: All the sandwiches allowed you to make them a combo by offering complementary soup choices. Pretty awesome.

Well, my tastebuds were off since I'm a little sick, but I loved them both. Surprisingly, The Italian Job had a nice kick to it. And, I'd highly recommend The Mission to anyone who loves some heat in their sandwiches.

Definitely a nice change to the Kraft grilled cheese;)

The Mission with Sweet Corn Tortilla Soup

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