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As I was taking a look at my blog in all my spare time (aka between episodes of the RHONJ and RHOBH), I realized it's been quite some time since I posted about a good fail. No, I'm not talking about a YouTube video of some smart ass kid who eats it on the sidewalk with his skateboard (although I do enjoy those as well).

No, I'm talking about those meals you had such high hopes for and they end up being nothing more than a gross dish you have to force yourself to finish (or at least move bits and pieces around the plate to make it seem like you somewhat ate it).

Ah, the irony of this post since I am currently sitting at home with the worst case of food poisoning of my life since I inevitable picked up something at Cabo's airport.

Word of advice: Only eat at your resort or starve. Don't even think about handling the local cuisine. Face it, you aren't Anthony Bourdain.

I mean, as the immigration officer asked me yesterday, "Miss, are you entering the country with any livestock/animals or agriculture?" I was tempted to respond with, "Well, unless you count the parasite that is now living in my stomach, I am thinking no."

Anyways, I digress...I hope you enjoy the below FAIL's that I've compiled as I'm waiting for my chicken broth to simmer and sip down my HateradeGatorade since my Mom is afraid I don't have enough electrolytes and doesn't want my sister to come home to find my corpse.

If only I snapped a picture of the lovely meal I had yesterday that made me feel amazing today...


You are probably thinking the same thing I was thinking when this arrived, "What the hell is this?" Well, this is what one Spanish restaurant calls risotto. Um, yes, last I checked risotto wasn't black. After talking to the waitress, I realized this was a black squid risotto so the ink it what gives it the unique coloring. The first few bites actually weren't that bad, but after about half way through I threw in the towel since it was too rich and was weirding me out.

Patatas Bravas are basically my new favorite Spanish tapa. Except, they are supposed to be cut up and fried, pretty similar to home fries. These were basically little golden potatoes with very little seasoning. Epic fail.

There's nothing better then tea cookies that you can dunk into your coffee or tea. Totally sucks when they are ruined by gross filings like dried fruit.

Yummy, doesn't this look good? Well it was. But, can you count how many ravs I got? I count six. This was my most expensive lunch and all they gave me were six damn ravs with overcooked shrimp? No me gusta.

Any recent fails you'd care to share?