Quick Byte: Espana - San Sebastian, Bodegon Alejandro

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Fun fact: Did you know that San Sebastian has the most Michelin rated restaurants (per km) than any other city?

True story.

But, since the 59th annual film festival was going on and celebs (like my future husband Clive Owen) and the Hollywood studios usually book these restaurants in its entirety, most were booked up. However, we did get to dine at Bodegon Alejandro, a Michelin recommended restaurant that specializes in unique Basque combinations and flavors.

After glancing at the menu, my family and I decided that the six course pre-fixed menu with the wine pairing was the best deal since it allowed us to sample a majority of the menu. Piggies, we know.

Amuse bouche: A gazpacho shooter of watermelon and tomato juice accompanied by toasties.

Course 1: Anchovy lasagna - my brother, who hates anchovies, was pleasantly surprised by this first course. Anchovies were the top layer of the "lasagna." The lasagna was filled with roasted peppers, onions and eggplant - all smothered in a gazpacho cream.

Course 2: Risotto. Probably the best risotto I've eaten. The moist risotto had chunks of cuttlefish, was topped with freshly grated Idiazabal cheese and a salty calamari leg. The squid ink was also drizzled along the side of the dish, adding another unique flavor.


Course 3: Grilled hake. Hake is a white fish that is caught locally in San Sebastian. The fish was grilled and topped with sea salt and served on top of mashed potatoes, which was sitting in a sea of olive oil/lemon sauce. Again, pretty awesome since fish back home is usually covered in butter and seasoning (I'm not saying I hate that, but this was definitely a nice change).

Grilled Hake

Course 4: Iberian veal cheek. I know what you are thinking: which cheek? - we clarified with our waitress this was part of the poor little lambs mouth. Kinda weird to think about, but this cut was incredibly soft and easily tore off when using a fork. It was topped with bits of bacon and sat on top of a fried piece of potato (similar to a hash brown).

Iberian veal cheek

Course 5: French toast with cheese ice cream. What was best about this dish was the hot and cold mixture. The moist french toast was sponge-like and literally melted in your mouth. Crap, I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it.

Course 6: Peach gnocchi. I know what you are thinking - how the hell do you have a gnocchi dessert? Well, the peaches were served gnocchi-style and were accompanied by coconut ice cream that had a vanilla flavor and was topped with a zest of lime.

My verdict: Let's just stay this meal basically filled me up until lunch the next day (which is not an easy feat).

Definitely one of the best pre-fixed menus that allowed our table to enjoy unique combinations, all while enjoying the locally caught fish and grown vegetables.

This is must for anyone planning to visit the San Sebastian area and is willing to spend some extra dinero on a meal you won't forget.