Quick Byte: Espana - Pinxtos

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Pinxtos, pronounced pinch-o's, are tapas of the Basque region. Most pinxtos allow chefs to experiment with new combinations of ingredients and are served on top of a sliced baguette.

As you walk into the various pinxtos bars of the area, chefs line the bar with various dishes that you can pick and choose from. Then, when you're ready to pay your bill, some will count the number of toothpicks, or in San Sebastian, many are on the honor system and you tell the hostess how many you ate. Most pinxtos run for under two euro's, so you can eat relatively cheap.

Here's some pics of my favs:

These were from Sagardi (in the Ribera District near the Picasso Museum) in Barcelona - a great recommendation from Rick Steve's. Here we got a variety: a mini leek quiche; croissant with jamon; baguette topped with goat cheese and a red pepper; baguette topped with tuna, shredded cheese, cherry tomato and anchovy; a "Gilda" (see below); and a chorizo pinxto.


Back in the day, Rita Hayworth visited the Pinxtos bar, El Bodegon. While visiting the bar, the chef introduced these new pinxtos and Rita loved them. When asking what the name of this particular pinxtos was, the chef decided to name it after her most famous character she portrayed, Gilda. The "Gilda" pinxtos consists of small pickled peppers, wrapped in an anchovy and topped with a Spanish olive.

Our hostess pouring us each a glass of sideria (cider) that is found throughout the region.