Quick Byte: Calzones

12:31 PM Kari R. 0 Comments

I was super stressed this week with work so my lovely bf made me an awesome calzone, using this recipe but had a few modifications:
  • Instead of the pickled veggies, we sauteed mushrooms
  • Added marinara sauce
  • And, used hot salami and pepperoni, and chopped olives

We placed all the toppings in our calzone. I'll take full credit for adding in the 'shrooms.

Yum! This recipe fed two starving eaters and I still plenty of leftovers for lunch.

The finished product - golden perfection!

Word of advice: pizza dough can be tough to find at some grocery stores -- Zanottos had it, but it was frozen and required at least 2 hours to thaw it out. I have found it at Trader Joe's before, but that was across town. So, luckily, Pillsbury makes it in one of those tubes that you can find in most grocery stores - it just takes a little looking ;)