My Love/Hate with Stir Fry

7:00 AM Kari R. 0 Comments

When I was a kid, stir fry was the go-to dish for my Mom when she was pressed for time and had to put something on the table for her starving family.

I think that Costco used to sell a pack that, to this day, I never want to eat again. I hated sweet sauce and I hated the red bell pepper (it was a kid thing I grew out of).

Now that I'm a working girl, I can give my Mom a little slack since my go-to meal is usually cereal.

Last night I had a major craving for some stir fry. After a quick trip to Zanotto's, I whipped up an easy and tasty stir fry, ingredients below.

Heat sesame oil in a large wok + 1 tablespoon of low-sodium soy sauce
Add in your choice of FRESH veggies (seriously, don't buy frozen, splurge a little).
I used: button and shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, sliced water chestnuts, sliced baby corn, broccoli, red pepper flakes and garlic.