Chico Dogs

1:24 PM Kari R. 0 Comments

A few weekends ago, I was up in Chico for a wedding of two of my college friends.

The wedding was awesome – cute town, fun dancing and of course great company.

As the reception ended, my friends and I headed back to the downtown area where we hung out at a local bar for a bit. But, with long day and drinking, naturally we decided to hit up a food joint on our walk home.

The night before my friends stumbled upon a hotdog cart, the Wiener Man.

Seriously, I am shocked that more entrepreneurs haven’t done this. Food cart + low cost food + college kids + near a bar = pure genius. I was pretty bummed since I really had a craving for a spicy hotdog that was wrapped in bacon, but Mr. Wiener Man was all outta bacon.

Instead, I noticed a meatball sandwich on the menu. Not anything to really write home about, but it did fill my late night craving and, let’s be honest, I scarfed it down.

And, judging by the pictures, looks like my everyone enjoyed their orders….this one’s for you, Nate.