A Royal Wedding

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So this post is way overdue. I was reminded about it after my news station was talking about how Prince William and Kate were vacationing on their honeymoon this week and have a trip planned to California later this summer.

My sister and I are basically freaks. For those of you who know us, I’m sure you’d agree whole-heartedly.

Instead of heading out to party or hitting up the bars on a Friday night like most twentysomethings, we stayed indoors a few weeks ago to clean, prep and royalize our house for our Royal Wedding Brunch/Tea Party.

Side note: My Mom (mother of the freaks) totally went overboard with table linens, napkin rings, her wedding China and party favors – I mean, how often does a Mother get to help throw a Royal Wedding par-tay?

Leading up to the event, we sent out real invites (another wasted evening of my life that I’ll never get back), went grocery shopping (Trader Joe’s employee: Having a party?; Me: Yes; TJ: What type?; Me: Um, embarrassing, but we are watching the Royal Wedding on my DVR…), and cleaned out the DVR to make sure we could record all SIX hours of coverage (yes, had to make the call and delete the Biggest Loser and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory episodes to make room).

Since my sister and I were co-hosting, naturally we butted heads, yelled at each other and argued over the menu. In the end, we stuck with a light brunch of frittatas, fruit, blueberry muffins, puff pastries, a sausage ring, blissini’s and, of course, tea.

The biggest success you ask?

Well aside from the fact that we were able to replicate much of this for Mother’s Day the following weekend; let’s just say the Sausage Ring is one that you can’t go wrong with.

I have to say, my family must be bigger carnivores than our friends since I doubled this recipe for Mother’s Day and all the heifers ate it up!

Recipe and pictures admitting my sister and I need to find a new hobby are below.

Note: Remember, Jimmy Dean died, so don’t eat too much of the sausage ring unless you wanna be toast, too.

Sausage Ring

2 eggs
1/2 cups milk
1 1/2 cups saltine crackers, crushed
1 cup chopped peeled apple
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/4 tsp pepper
1 lbs pork sausage

In medium bowl beat eggs and milk.

Stir in crushed crackers, chopped apple, onion and pepper.

Add sausage and mix well. Firmly pat meat mixture into a 6 1/2 cup ring mold. Carefully unmold the sausage ring into a pan with rack.

Bake at 350 for 50 minutes.

Transfer to a warm platter.

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  1. Haha I love that you guys went all out for the Royal Weddding! And Um that sausage ring sounds like the best thing ever! I