A Love Affair with "Super Foods"

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Today's blog post is a contribution from my sister. You may recall, she's the manipulative one who often forces me to make her food. To give you some context, my sister has limited culinary abilities. No joke, it once took her an hour to make me Mac-N-Cheese...from a box.

When I started the blog back in 2009, I asked her to write up a posting on her love affair with certain types of food since I was impressed/disgusted with her college eating habits. Well, two years later, here it is...

I have a secret to admit on this blog. (Intrigued aren’t you?). The ‘superfood’ craze, is annoying.

There. I said it.

It’s out there.

Now, for all of you Kashi-oatmeal-I-only-eat-organic-lovers, if you try an attack me I will throw a high-in-saturated-fat-fried food at you. However, let me move back a few steps. I’ll admit I enjoy healthy foods. I eat my beets; I jumped on the almond band-wagon, but it’s the ‘superfood’ term that gets me. Because, yes, these foods are great—they help fight disease, lose weight and improve overall health. However, at the end of the day, they are still not superfoods. They are boring foods. Example: Oatmeal. Yes, it can be enjoyable and it is a healthy ‘superfood’. Yet at the end of the day it is still goopy, bland and sticky. And for all of you nay-says out there who are about to throw something in my face about your oatmeal being really really ridiculously good tasting—Quiet Down. Because here’s a hint, if you shellacked your oats in brown sugar and just put a splash of half-of-half with a pinch of salt—it’s not a superfood anymore, you might as well eat coco puffs. Now, what should the super food term embody? The superfood should be a food that is like Superman. Meaning, it’s a food that is resilient; that’s omni-present; and that has maintained its popularity through the years. Thus, what is a superfood?



Bagels are literally the Clark Kent of food—they can be on the farm one minute and in Metropolis the next. Unlike other foods, you can purchase bagels at the shady 7-11 on the corner; at the neighborhood bakery; at the coffee shop the hipsters, posers and poets frequent; at the soccer-mom-mall-size supermarket; and, at your specialty bagel shop.

However, more than that, bagels, like any true superhero, are resilient. They have valiantly fought off any and all enemies. In fact, day after day bagels stick to the man. They have fought off the low-carb crazy, beaten down their 'breakfast food only' stereotype and still manage to crush the ‘boring-foods’ only mentality. You really have to give it up to them. In fact, let’s think about this, every other food has been destroyed by a 'new either healthier option’ or a more 'in’ (aka hip/savvy) food. Ice cream has been toppled by frozen yogurt; sandwiches have been fighting off the wrap-craze; donuts have been replaced by cupcakes; cupcakes have been replaced by specialty cupcakes; Krispy Kreme have been full-on annihilated; regular coffee has been squashed by personalized coffee (don't lie, I know you've all ordered a-tall-extra hot-soy mocha-with no whip-two Splendas in a grande cup before).

But I digress. My point being despite the fads and the 'health issues' bagels have made it through. Bagels are always around. Bagel shops are always successful and bagels are always good. In sum, bagels are the SuperFood of the world. Blog Discussion: I know that we can all think of (but perhaps refuse to admit) that one food that saves your day that you can have anywhere and with anything. That one food that sticks it to Dr. Oz because we enjoy it more than the lemon-detox diet, our Kashi breakfast and the almonds that we are soooo into. We all have our own friendly neighborhood Spiderman/SuperFood. Thus, let’s be honest on this blog spot (I promise not to tell anyone) what’s your SuperFood?