Quick Byte: Bittersweet Bistro

7:38 PM Kari R. 0 Comments

Just finished a delicious dinner over the hill in Aptos at Bittersweet Bistro.

The restaurant has a nice variety, offering fresh fish, pasta, pizza and steaks.

I was pretty much a fatty and scarfed down my linguine with clams without taking a pic. (I know, I'm a bad foodie blogger). The buttery sauce and fresh clams were cooked to perfection - the dish was not too rich and it still maintained it's hint of fish.

But, the dessert was a home run (BTW congrats, Giants)! We had a chocolate walnut bread pudding that was to die for. It was similar to a rich chocolate cake that was topped with bananas and a caramelized banana cap. And the dollop of cream anglaise was a refreshing complement!

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