Quick Byte: The Mmoon Empanadas

12:51 PM Kari R. 1 Comments

Just finished up a quick byte at The Mmoon Empanadas in downtown San Jose (near The Brit on Santa Clara).

For less than $5, I got the "Pizza," which was simply amazing (a perfect small pizza with sausage and pepperoni) and the "Spinach" which was also great (I loved the hint of provolone cheese and spices).

But, hands down, the best was the orange signature dipping sauce that came with the empanadas! I would totally use this on other food as well - it may rival La Vic's orange sauce:)

Only downside - I'm still hungry and wish I ordered more...

Sorry about the sad photo food presentation, that's what you get when I have to work though my lunch break.

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  1. Yay, so glad you tried The Mmoon kari! :) I can definitely eat multiple empanadas... they're so yummy!! Pizza is one of my favs too.