Quick Byte: Sam's Chowdermobile

9:51 AM Kari R. 0 Comments

On Thursday, my friend and I headed over to Sam's Chowdermobile early (last time there was a horrible line).


After waiting for about five minutes we were walking away with a lobster roll in hand.

For $15 bucks we split the roll (see picture below) as our lunch.

Pretty awesome - the bread was fresh, lightly toasted and buttered. And, the roll was topped with a generous heaping of fresh lobster (you definitely got your money's worth of lobster).

I loved how the lobster mixture wasn't smothered in mayo. And, I enjoyed the chunks of celery that gave it a nice crunch as you bit into it.

I'm a fan!

Check here to see when the Chowdermobile will be rollin into your neighborhood.

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