Quick Byte: Carnegie Deli

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I know what you're thinking: tourist trap.

Carnegie Deli is one of those restaurants in just about every tourist book (ha, and in the book of "1,000 places to go before you die"). It's animated New York waitresses make you feel like you've walked right into a NY local hot spot (funny though since most if my NY friends have never stepped foot into Carnegie Deli).

There's a line, but you are surprisingly seated quickly.

For our lunch, we shared the pastrami on rye. Delish - the pastrami was warm and had a great pepper rub. Best of all was the hot mustard served on the side.

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, or in my case a thousand+ calories.

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Quick Byte: Mesa Grill

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Last night, I made the trek to Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. A true hot spot - people were entering way past my dinner time and the bar was hopping.

For an app we enjoyed the queso fondue (manchego and goat cheese, I believe) -SO good, especially since it was topped with green and red chillis giving it an extra punch.

My main was a chili rellano stuffed with eggplant and was coated in cornmeal. One word for you Mr. Flay: HOT (as in the temp)! I love the unique texture and roasted flavor of the eggplant, but by my last bite I was sweating and had downed two glasses of agua.

Good if you can take the heat.

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Quick Byte: NYC Hotdogs

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One dog - make it hot!

Yesterday I had my first dog outside of Central Park. Sanitary aside, it was a cheap and delightful snack as I strolled through the park. A plus: most vendors offer a spicy mustard that's delish...

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Quick Byte: Cheers

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On my last walk around the city, I had to complete my Boston trip with a visit to the original Cheers bar (across from the Boston Public Garden).

At 11:45 am I enjoyed a lovely Root Beer (please, it's before noon) while the bf downed a Sam Adams...

Well off to NYC in a few!

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East vs. West Cost

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Contrary to popular belief, I have not been ignoring my lovely readers. Instead, I've been busy with work, watching TV and planning my trip to the East Coast!

Foodie Byte will be taking a hiatus from its focus on Silicon Valley food, rants and reviews for the next week…

Instead, I’ll be posting on-the-go from Boston and New York.

Let’s just hope I don’t freeze.

Look out for more “Quick Byte” reviews over the next week from yours truly.

Until then, bon appetite…


Quick Byte: Gelato Classico

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This past weekend I ventured into the cold to Gelato Classico in downtown Campbell (located on Campbell Ave. across from Sonoma Chicken Coop).

I got a delicious gelato - half Oreo and half Mint Chip.

Overall, an enjoyable bite for anyone craving an Italian sweet.

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