San Jose Mercury News: 14 Glorious Pies for Thanksgiving

8:23 AM Kari R. 2 Comments

Today, the San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times reporter Jackie Burrell published an article titled, "14 Glorious Pies for Thanksgiving" in which she writes about what some of the Bay Area residents will be cooking up this holiday season.

Some residents have great stories of how accidental ingredients turned out to be a recipe for success. Others have stories of how pie reminds them of their childhood days and family traditions.

A great article with some great new recipes for all of us try out! I can't wait to make a walnut pie!
And, yours truly, has her Apple pie recipe featured here :-) Or, if you need a refresher, you can find it on Foodie Byte, here.


  1. How awesome! And I love your recipe... delicious apple pie!