Pizza and Sharks?...Amici's Pizza - "Two Dollar Tuesday"

1:19 PM Kari R. 2 Comments

For those of you that have ever gone to a Sharks game, you KNOW that "with four in the net, pizza you get."

Well, Sharks fans, today is your lucky day.
It's "Two Dollar Tuesday" at Amici's in downtown San Jose (located on Santa Clara Street and Notre Dame Avenue - just a few short blocks away from the HP Pavilion). Amici's will be offering 2 Slices of Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza 'to-go' for just $2 to anyone wearing a Sharks Jersey before tonight's game.

So to all of you black and teal fans, enjoy.


  1. does anyone have the recipe for amici's caesar dressing?

  2. Hi Jean - Checked in with Amici's and got a response from their president. Unfortunately, Amici's holds that recipe near and dear!