Review: Cha Cha Cha!

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Should we all cha-cha over to Cha Cha Sushi?

Located next to a Parrot Cellular in a nondescript strip mall, Cha Cha Sushi is easy to miss.

But once you've been there, you'll be back for more.

Just ask the regulars steadily streaming in.

Indeed every time I'm in Cha Cha Sushi, it's full of diners - a sign of a good restaurant.

Even though the dining room is packed, the staff is attentive. I'm always seated right away.

I typically dine at Cha Cha during the day to take advantage of their well-priced lunch special.

This week, for the first time, I went for dinner.

I ordered the dinner combination. My choice of 2. So I selected the tempura + California rolls.

A bonus: Before my dish arrived, my server set out complimentary muscles. The muscles packed some heat. A spicy, but delicious start to my meal.

The dinner portion was well sized. I couldn't finish it all. The rice was moist and tempura was crispy. I had no complaints.

In addition to the typical ice cream desserts you see on the menus of Japanese restaurants, Cha Cha Sushi also offers mochi ice cream and blood orange sorbet.

My grade? An "A" Japanese restaurant in San Jose.

Name: Cha Cha Sushi
Address: 547 W Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA 95136
Pricing: Moderate pricing; $11-30 dollars depending on what you order
Byte Rating: 5 out of 5

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