Review: Psycho Donuts

7:21 PM Kari R. 3 Comments

For those of you living in the South Bay – you’ve probably heard of this place on the news. It’s capturing headlines for being inappropriate and has offended the Mental Health Organization. Riots, pickets and even a televised debate have taken place.

I think that the efforts to shut down this place have actually been harmful, since many people (like me) are more curious to visit Psycho Donuts. I mean, who could pass up an opportunity to take a picture in a straight jacket in the padded cell?

Psycho Donuts began as a normal donut shop and is located on Winchester and Campbell Avenue (next to Subway and the Comic shop). When I walked it, I saw the notorious padded cell that has been labeled “inappropriate” – um, it was a seat with three padded panels – if they didn’t tell me it was a cell, I would have thought it was an odd telephone booth. Unfortunately, the padded cell was closed so I couldn’t get a picture of myself inside…darn (strike 1).

As I approach the register, one of the employees (dressed as a nurse) handed me a small piece of bubble wrap, saying it “will help you decide on your order.” Hmm, okkkaaayyy (strike 2 – FREAKS)

Headbanger, Cereal Killer, S’moreos, Cookie Monster, Cocoa Kooks, Psycho, Mellow Submarine, Deserted Paradise – hmm, these didn’t seem like anything you should be too worried about. I mean, sure the Headbanger looked like a person that had jelly oozing out, but I thought it was actually quite humorous.

After buying our donuts, we looked for a place to sit and eat. There was no place to sit (strike 3). In fact, this “popular” donut shop had one mere coffee table with a few chairs around it. So, we went home to enjoy our donuts.

The verdict: Nothing special at all. In fact, they took average donuts and probably thought, “what can I put on top of this that will make it sweet and give people a sugar high.” I sampled a few of the donuts (obviously) and none were amazing, just average.

With all the riots, you would have thought these donuts would have been better, especially since it's probably getting more business given the publicity. If anything, people should be picketing over the fact that you are getting ripped off – high prices (for a donut) that don’t even taste great.

Three strikes, you’re out – that’s my motto.

Total disappointment, what’s psycho is how people keep yapping about this place. Take me to Stans any day.
Name: Psycho Donuts
Address: 2006 Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008
Pricing: Prices range from $2+ or $15/dozen
Byte Rating: 1.5 out of 5


  1. Riots? Most mental health advocates do not want the place shut down. We simply wanted a few changes, and Psycho Donuts has begun to make those changes.

  2. Group protest, march, a petition that is signed by supporters - I may have exaggerated when I said riot, but you get the picture.

    I guess I read between the lines when I saw a group of people opposing the shop - either way, it doesn't change the bottom line: people are unhappy. I personally am not offended as I find the shop humorous and think people should be spending their efforts on bigger issues, but that's just my opinion.

    But, I would like to hear your thoughts, what changes are going to be made?

  3. riots or no riots. point being--donuts were simply mediocre. i hope those changes have to do with the quality of donut i eat in the future.