Top Chef Masters

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For those of you addicted to Top Chef - and, if you have an ounce of sanity, you were probably bummed during the last season of Top Chef when our beloved Italian – Fabio – was kicked off during the second to last episode and didn’t quite make it to the finale.

You were probably even more mad that Hosea-I-claim-I-cook-fish, Stefan-nobody-likes-me and Big Bird were the last three (see previous entry here).

Well, this next season, Bravo is cooking things up. Top Chef Masters will take 24 renowned chefs, make them cook-off, then donate the winnings to charity. The judging will be done a little differently, with six weeks of competition followed by four episodes in which the top six compete. Then, da da da winner will be named.

It’s also interesting to note that a lot of the contestants are previous guest judges on the show. Sadly, Padma, Gail and Tom won’t be sitting at the judges table.

You’re bound to know some of the contestants if you’ve ever watched the Food Network or prior seasons, here are some worth noting:

• Rick Bayless – little white guy with a passion for Mexican food. You may have seen him on his regular KQED show, “Mexico - One Plate at a Time.” This guy is known for his Mexican cuisine with restaurants in Chicago and Mexico. He's one guy that would certainly give any abuelita a run for her money.

• Michael Chiarello – started off on KQED and has made it to the big time with his Food Network show. Michael lives in Napa, California so his Italian food is somewhat non-tradition since he's been inspired by the lovely NorCal. I’ve eaten at the iconic Tra Vigne (his first restaurant that he no longer owns). His food has a harvesty feel to it – warm plates, lots of locally grown vegetables and of course, all are paired with wine.

• Elizabeth Faulkner – actually known for her pastries more than her culinary skills. Elizabeth is based in San Francisco and is the Executive Chef and Owner of both citizen Cake and Orson.

• Suzanne Tracht – Executive Chef and Owner of Jar, an amazing steakhouse and celebrity hotspot in LA. And, Suzanne is also the Executive Chef and Owner of Tracht’s in Long Beach.

Others worth noting and keeping an eye on during the compeition: Hubert Keller, Wylie Dufresne, Roy Yamaguchi and John Besh.

After looking at this roster, I still can’t believe it. I’ve eaten at a few of these places and each were exquisite meals. This is one season you won’t want to miss.

Series premieres on Bravo on Wednesday, June 10th at 10pm.