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A Foodie in L.A. – Part 1 of 3

Apologies for not posting sooner, but last week I was on the road in the fast paced L.A. (Los Angeles, not to be confused with Ms. Spears’ beloved Louisiana – another foodie hub).

The weekend was jammed packed with celebrating my little sis’ grad from college, road rage, avoiding the swine flu, but of course, I fit in some time to eat and drink.

The first place I went to was Beechwood Restaurant, a non-descript-looking-like-a-little-shack in the beachy town of Venice. Considering it was probably 5 or so on a Friday, I was surprised by how empty the restaurant was. It had a cool bar atmosphere, nice outdoor seating, oversized couches and a nice patio with a fireplace.

Since we were rushed for time, we only had drinks and apps. My half of the table was obviously the more heiferish side, ordering a platter of fries (shoestring, normal and sweet potato), plantains and an upscale serving of grilled cheese served with a side of arugula topped with a light balsamic dressing and red onions.

Fries – well, you can’t really go wrong with fried + potatoes. Each
variety we ordered were delightful and were served with a traditional ketchup, spicy ketchupy BBQ sauce and an amazing mayonnaise-based olio. The mayo-like sauce was by far the best since it was the perfect consistency and had a hint of garlic? The spicy ketchup BBQ was a little off tasting, since it wasn’t a good blend or balance of the BBQ/chili taste with the ketchup.

Next up, the plantains – delish – but a miniscule portion for this hungry girl. These plantains weren’t dehydrated like your traditional banana chips. Instead, they were seasoned lightly and still moist – think caramelized bananas – brilliant.

And, the grilled cheese. Probably the biggest disappointment – it was a mixture of brioche, fig paste, truffle pecorino, gruyere and goat cheese. But, because of the different cheese textures, some melted nicely, others were crumbly, overpowering and smelly. But, the arugula salad was actually a huge surprise. Speaking of overbearing, usually arugula is bitter and gross but this salad was a fresh spring mix that was topped with tasty red onions.

And, who could forget the drinks…..I stuck with a blood orange martini. Yum! Not too much vodka to cause me a to have a horrible headache, but just enough to make, as my friends and I say, buuzznebriated (just kidding Mom)!

Overall, Beechwood was a great atmosphere that, if you ordered the right dishes, I think would be a lovely experience. Unfortunately, I wish we would have swapped the grilled cheese with the scallops that were calling my name at the other end of the table.

The Verdict:
Name: Beechwood Restaurant
Pricing: On average $10 bucks per app plate; $15-20 per dinner plate
Address: 822 West Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292
Byte Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Check back for my two other reviews coming this week...


  1. I don't recommend the nasty ginger drink on Beachwood's menu. I don't remember what it was called... but it was pretty gross.

  2. Yea that one didn't seem too good at all. Either way, my blood orange was very tasty as it was a refreshing citrus drink - what a way to start off the evening!