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Oui Oui – okay that’s probably the extent of my par-lay-vou French.

But, how can you think French/France without mentioning the great Julia Child. The 6-foot woman was huge – literally. Her influence on the cooking world is something that generations will always remember (and probably take for granted).

August 13, 2004, just two days shy of her 92nd birthday, Julia Child passed away in her sleep – but her story still lives on today. Now, not to sound like a total sap, but the world was left with her book “My Life in France” written by her husband’s grandnephew after sitting down with her on many occasions where she would recount stories of her life for “the book.”

I actually just finished reading it – pretty damn good except for the fact that it would make me starving while biking at the gym, then depressed when I realized I had no contents in my fridge for dinner.

What some don’t know is Julia Child was raised in Pasadena, California by a staunch Republican father who expected his daughter to be conservative and live her life out in sunny Southern California. But, after falling in love and living with her husband, Paul Child, a US Information Service man whose work was based in France, she couldn’t have strayed farther from her upbringing and roots.

After enrolling the Cordon Bleu, practically crawling to the principal to get her degree and teaching cooking classes to neighbors; she spent around 10 years co-authoring “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”

For anyone who has seen the MAFC, it’s a novel. But, at the time, this novel was pure brilliance. MAFC took French cooking and broke it down into lame-ins terms for the typical American housewife of the 1950s. From there, she was a cultural phenomenon who was offered a, shall we say, experimental segment on public television – well the rest is history: the woman made millions, teamed up with others for cooking shows and hey there was even an old SNL skit making fun of her when Dan Ackroyd played her.

Anyways, enough with the rambling – here is a clip of the new trailer of the movie Julie and Julia. Meryl Streep plays Ms. Child and Amy Adams is the Julie gal (a blogger who attempted every single one of Child’s MAFC recipes).

This is one movie that will hopefully get your taste buds happy.

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  1. KR - I lOVED the movie so much that I just bought the book, My Life in France, to learn more about the charming Julia C. TP