Top Five Kitchen Essentials Any Foodie Needs

3:34 PM Kari R. 4 Comments

If you don't have these, get them.

We’ve all done it – run to the store mid-cooking a new recipe after realizing, “Crap, how am I suppose to make [fill in the blank] without a [fill in the blank]!” Or, it could happen, usually after a moving into a new place, when you mysteriously loose a box of kitchen gadgets and you find yourself lost without the essentials. Recently, I myself had to make do when rolling out my pie pastry crust with a water cup. Ghetto, I know.

Here is my top listing of the tools that any foodie needs in their kitchen. If you don't have these, you should put them on your wish list and go pick them up.

1. Garlic press and peeler – A garlic press is essential for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time hovering over their kitchen cutting board mincing garlic. A simple garlic press can save you time and money, while perfectly mincing your garlic (way better than you would have been able to master). And, the best plus – the garlic press prevents you smelling – unless you enjoy that garlic stench, then by all means chop away!

Going along with a garlic press, many people don’t realize that geniuses have also invented garlic peelers. All you do is place the garlic clove in the round tube, roll it and pronto! Pure genius.

2. Zester – You’d be surprised how many recipes call for a zester. Whether its a recipe that calls for a little splash of lemon or orange, you’ll need this – especially around the holidays. And, if you have the money to splurge on an extra classy one, it can serve as a grater as well.

3. Meat Thermometer – Admit it, there has been one time or another where you’ve BBQ’d a piece of meat, let it rest, then cut it open realizing you’ve either a) overcooked it way too much that your T Bone Steak is now little Barkley’s chew toy or b) your bloody steak still looks alive and is Moooing.

Simple solution: buy a meat thermometer. As a plus, most thermometers often come with a handy little scroll that tells you the exact temperature needed to achieve perfection for the well done, medium and rare lovers in us all.

4. Ladle Holder – For those of you without this common kitchen utensil, you know that this is something you’ve been meaning to pick up. Especially since every time you make something on the stove you’re always ripping a piece of a paper towel off since you don’t want to place your utensil on the kitchen counter. Save a tree, buy a ladle holder.

5. Lime and lemon squeezer – So this isn’t so much of an essential, but for a way for you to look cool when you invite your pals over for dinner. Coming in two sizes, these nifty little squeezers actually do allow you to get the most lime or lemon juice and keep the seeds out. Pull one of these puppies out when you are making cocktails for your friends and I promise you’ll get noticed.


  1. I was just thinking about how I need an orange peeler. I now have orange peel under my nails.

    Also, I only own 1 of the 5 essentials you list. Interesting.

  2. those gripping mats that make it easier to open cans...when your a single girl living by herself it's kinda of sad when your starving and you can't get the prego bottle to open...

  3. Oh yes, the mats are essential. Sometimes I find that a rubber glove works well and some can openers have a thing that you can use to pop the top.

    As for orange peeler those are also a must. I hate walking around with orange fingers.

  4. I found the best "gadget" at a home show this year..... used to grate garlic, hard chocolate, parmesan cheese, etc..... you will love it!