Top Chef: The Downfall?

7:51 PM Kari R. 2 Comments

For those of you who have been addicted to Top Chef, you were probably like me yesterday - counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until the final "Top Chef" would be unveiled.

I have to admit, I've only been watching the show since last season, but was instantly hooked. The challenges and harsh judging from Tom Colecio, Padma Lakshmi, Gail Simmons and Toby Young are unlike any cooking reality TV show. I mean how many times do you hear an "It was NOT good" or have a judge/model [Padma] spit out your food on national television?

Last night it was down to three chefs....

Hosea: The home-wrecker who claimed to be "all seafood," yet his seafood fell below par on many occasions. And, did I mention home-wrecker?

Stefan: The cocky European who knew he was good, but started slacking in the last few episodes.

Carla: Or, as I like to say, "Big Bird," who I honestly didn't think would make it past the first few episodes. But, she ended up being the dark horse.

Last night, nobody did superb. But, Hosea made a three-course meal that was simply better. Even though I hated the Bird and Eurofreak, I would have preferred for anyone, but Hosea to win. For the entire episode, he spent the majority of his time focusing on how to sabotage Stefan - taking all the foie gras, cavier and forcing Stefan to cook with alligator.

I just don't understand how Hosea was named "Top Chef" - WTF.


PS - In fun news, we'll be seeing Fabio as a Dr. Oetker's Ristorante spokesman:)


  1. I agree kare, I didn't really know who I wanted to win for the first time in the show's history! Hosea doesn't stand up to any of the previous winners. As much as I hate him, Stefan was the best, BUT I think I was pulling for Carla cuz she was different, and would have been the first winner to be more traditional in her style. I vote KARI RAMIREZ to be top Chef 2010!